• Drake Donovan


06/08/15: "It's said that "flattery will get you everywhere". You look great today! Here, have another song, you gorgeous, young thing, you! (aside) Top of the ratings here we come!"

06/09/15: "At Y108, we’re often asked why we say “WDSY-FM & HD1, Pittsburgh”. Well as part of our FCC License we must say that once an hour. We’re also often asked…They gave you a license?"

06/10/15: "Doing our part to make your day at work suck a little less."

06/11/15: "Come for the songs you like, stay for the other songs you may also like. Hey, don't knock 'em til you tried 'em!"

06/12/15: "Hastag Curious, do you also work Twitter hastags into regular conversation or is that hastag just us? Hastag B100. Hashtag Totes Annoying"

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