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06/15/15: "Celebrating our American independence by blowing up crap made in China"

06/16/15: "Star 102 4th of July Tip #21...when tweeting about fireworks, there are four o's in "ooooh" and three a's in "aaah."

06/17/15: "Hot 101-7 4th of July Tip # 18...snakes lead to sparklers which lead to firecrackers and bottlerockets which lead to mortars and heroin. Don't believe the kids on the playground!"

06/18/15: " There are two guarantees this 4th of July wknd…100.7’s playing gonna play the hits & some jack wagon's gonna blow his fingers off (bang sfx) Called it!"

06/19/15: "Really, not the safest of holidays. It’s the being pelted with jolly ranchers during the 4th of July parade we’re most concerned about."

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