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02/01/2016: "Don’t be alarmed, but Valentine’s Day is coming. Think of it as a chance to redeem yourself for the crappy Xmas gift."

02/02/2016: “Ever wish you had a time machine to go back & tell your ex how much better off you are now? And then, tell the ‘you’ of the past that everything’s going to work out fine. Yeah, we never think about that either.”

02/03/2016: “Our Valentine’s Day wish, may your date have called ahead for reservations. Cause Valentine’s Day really sucks standing in the lobby of TGI Fridays!”

02/04/2016: “Carnations…when you care enough to send flowers, but don’t care to spend your car payment on roses.”

02/05/2016: “Wear something sexy this Valentine’s Day…Like a Rock 101 T-Shirt! Wha…wait, are we the only ones who find them sexy?”

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