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04/25/16: “Wonder if Donald Trump would outlaw Cinco De Mayo Celebrations as President, or worse, ban Corona!”

04/26/16: “Celebrating the 5th of May with Nachos or a chimichanga? Okay. They’re about as Mexican as Cinco De Mayo anyway.”

04/27/16: “Random thought, what is the Cinco De Mayo Equivalent of Green Beer?” Ponder that while we play this next song.”

04/28/16: “Cinco De Mayo, probably not the best time to take the family out for Taco Thursday. (Hostess shouting over drunken revelry) It’ll be a 90 minute to 2 hour wait”

04/29/16: “Not every country fan lives on a farm. So Y108 plays the music to make your 1/4 acre lot feel like a 40 acre homestead.”

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