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07/11/16: “If you’re not grumpy on a Monday morning, probably means you had a good weekend. This, however, will pass.”

07/12/16: “A Q107 reminder that we are at the peak of summer. Please do something fun over the next month or spend all winter in deep regret. That is all.”

07/13/16: “Okay, we’re past the 4th of July…time for all the Back-to-School displays to show up in stores and kill our buzz.” Thanks retail America…thanks a lot.”

07/14/16: “A babbling brook…a lawn sprinkler…the music from an ice cream truck echoing thru the breeze…just a few ‘cool’ thought between songs.”

07/15/16: “If we don’t flip our calendars…maybe we can get it to stay summer just a little longer.” Some wishful thinking from Toronto’s Rock…Q107!”

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