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07/18/16: “Let us all take a moment and honor the memory of Willis Carrier…the man who gave us Air Conditioning!”

07/19/16: “Today’s forecast, hot and humid w/a 50% chance of additional heat & humidity.” But it’s better than snow, right? Riiiiight.”

07/20/16: “SWEEPER OF THE DAY: “The Dog Days of Summer…when the grass is dry & brown, unlike the spring thaw, when the grass is brown for an entirely different reason (bark)!”

07/21/16: #TBT80s/90s “Music from the Decades that gave us Full House and the Full Monty”

07/22/16: “A motor boat out on the river (lake), sounds of ducks (geese) all around…and a might splash of a (“Cannonball”)…just a few ‘cool’ thoughts between songs…”

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