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09/05/16: “Do yourself a favor this fall. DVR all the new shows & listen to more Y108. Then, when most of them are eventually canceled after 4 episodes, you can just delete them.”

09/06/16: “Network TV kinda ‘meh? Watch your radio instead at Y108.com/theater!”

09/07/16: “New episodes of Nashville won’t start until January on CMT. Til then you’ll have to get your country drama fix from Ally & Andy I guess!”

09/08/16: #80s90sTBT: “Music from the Decades that gave us Full House and the Full Monty…”

09/09/16: “At 101.1 The River we appreciate the past. We wonder about the future. We live in the now. Please enjoy another song while we continue to contemplate the order of the universe.

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