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09/19/16: “Just like your favorite pair of jeans…(zipper) we fit perfectly. Your life, Your music, Your Mix 105.7!”

09/20/16: “We checked with our boss & he assured us that it’s okay for you to use your company’s expensive bandwidth to stream us at TheMix1057.com! Seems legit, right?”

09/21/16: “Imagine the perfect date…he’s truly interested in what you say…he listens…I mean really listens, and when he says he’ll call, HE DOES…(SFX)It’s kinda like that…but with music…”

09/22/16: #TBT: The 80s & 90s…2 great decades that sound great together…on a Throwback Thursday.”

09/23/16: “Would more people listen to Star 102 if we were limited edition pumpkin spice? Nevermind, just wondering outloud.”

Need more than 5 creative sweepers a week? Make Drake Donovan your station voice or imaging producer! Contact Nate Zeitz at CESD Talent for rates and market availablility.

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