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10/17/16: “It’s called “Trick or Treat”…and, no, a popcorn ball is no treat!”

10/18/16: “The variety of Mix 105.7? Kinda like wearin’ a witch hat, Dracula cape, lightsaber, Spock ears and a sexy cop outfit all tied up in mummy bandages!”

10/19/16: “Shopping for the Halloween party? Pumpkin spiced beer. Okay. Pumpkin Spiced Vodka. Sure. But we draw the line at Pumpkin Spiced Pinot Grigio That’s takin’ it too far!”

10/20/16: Today is Oct 20th…11 days before Halloween & all the good costumes are gone. This has been an Obscure Friends reference for #TBT.”

10/21/16: “Y108’s Halloween Tip #247: don't say "Nice costume!"...until you're sure that it IS a costume."

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