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10/24/16: “When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade. But when the neighbor lady gives you homemade popcorn balls, you pelt her awnings with rotten eggs.”

10/25/16: (Character: “Halloween’s over, time to put up the Xmas tree”) VO: “Whoa, pump the brake! Let’s let Fall breathe a little before we go all “happy holidays” up in here, ‘kay?”

10/26/16: “We love Xmas just as much as the next radio station, but putting up your tree before Thanksgiving…that’s a little much. #SorrryNotSorry.”

10/27/16: #TBT: “To relive the 80s you can simple wait 64 years…or just tune in to the Awesome 80s lunch, weekdays on Rock 101!”

10/28/16: “Can’t stand the ineptitude at your workplace? Well, we’re DJs. Ain’t a lot of MENSA candidates around this office either!”

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