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10/31/16: “Giving thanks….that we’re not cooking…or cleaning up after…or doing the shopping beforehand.”

11/01/16: “Think about this for a second. Every Thanksgiving the President “pardons” a turkey. Just mull that over during this next song.”

11/02/16: “It’s the one day a year every oven in the house is in use, convection, microwave & toaster! And we’ve got the music to roast by…Mix 1057!”

11/03/16: “Millions of Americans are waking up today day and realizing they had corn with their Thanksgiving meal (flush). Happy Day after Thanksgiving from Rock 98.”

11/04/16: “You’re really sleepy from eating all that turkey. Sure, it’s got nothing to do with all the stuffing, mashed potatoes, and the 4 glasses of wine you had WITH the turkey.”

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