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11/14/16: “Giving thanks, that the election is over.” We’re Q103 and we approved this message.”

11/15/16: “Living life commercial free will make you the envy of your friends…that and having the new iPhone. Commercial Free Q103”

11/16/16: “Packing the next 120 minutes so full of music, the commercials just keep falling out (objects hitting floor) Y108’s 2hour commercial free hour!”

11/17/16: For #TBT: Music from the 80s was once used to drown out the shouting of parents (Turn that crap down). Now it’s used to cover the screams of children (mom, Mom, MOM!) Ah, the circle of life!”

11/18/16: “Dingo & Jess insist that they’re morning people…We’re still waiting to see it.”

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