• Drake Donovan


02/27/2017: “Getting into gear in the Morning is a challenge (gear grinding sfx)…Shift smoothly into your day with Jen & Tim.”

02/28/2017: “Another helpful commuter tip…(quirky/happy music smiley-friendly read) A responsible commuter, is a focused commuter, (record scratch/announcer shouts: “So hang up the phone & drive the friggin’ car!!! For cryin’ out loud!!!”)…And, have a nice day from the Star Morning Show.”

03/01/2017: "Music that touches you…without having to physically touch you…So it’s good for all the germophobes and shy people out there."

03/02/2017: #TBT 90s 1. In the 90s MTV stopped playing videos and started getting real…This is a Nuthin’ But 90s Weekend.”

03/03/2017: “Not every cowboy rides a horse…But Q103 plays the music to make you feel like you’re ridin’ the herd, even if that herd is rush hour traffic on the Waterson.”

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