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01/30/2017: “Alberta, Canada has a groundhog named “Balzac Billy”. Sorry about the coffee that just came out of your nose”.

01/31/2017: “Now that we all have weather apps, why is Groundhog day still a thing?” It’s a drinking holiday isn’t it? I knew it.”

02/01/2017: “Given a choice between getting up early & standing in the dark & cold to see if a groundhog sees his shadow or going to work, we choose work. It’s warm and there’s Y108 on the radio.”

02/02/2017: #TBT90s: “It’s all the “You go Girl”; “Homey Don’t Play Dat!”; “Livin’ La Vida Loca” Fun of the 90s”

02/03/2017: “Cleverly disguised as responsible adults…Laura Daniels and Eric Jordan…The Mix Morning rush!”

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