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02/06/2017: “Supermarket Tabloids…#AlternativeFacts or simply the original #FakeNews…Here’s another song while you ponder that!

02/07/2017: “Since Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday, this year stay in and make her tacos! Because Taco Tuesday, right?”

02/08/2017: “Valentine’s tip #14: It’s best to keep expectations low. Kinda like Jen & Tim do every morning on Star 102.”

02/09/2017: “Valentine’s tip #27: Instead of a grand gesture, try doing a bunch of little things during the day to show you’re thinking about your sweetheart all day long. Gee, sounds a lot like our no-repeat workday, doesn’t it?”

02/10/2017: “Keep in mind, you’re more likely to be struck by lightning than to have an absolutely perfect Valentine’s day. So no pressure.”

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