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03/27/2017: “100.7 knows exactly what you want more of in the morning…SLEEP…however…all we can do is motivate you with the Most Back to Back music in the morning.”

03/28/2017: “Church on Easter Sunday…the next time you’ll see some of these people will be at Christmas.”

03/29/2017: “How do you know it’s an unsuccessful Easter Egg hunt? (sfx) when you hit a plastic egg with the lawn mower in June!”

03/30/2017: ”Our Easter wish for you: May all your eggs be hard boiled, may they be cool enough to handle, and may you not get drop of dye on your kitchen table!

03/31/2017: “Kids in whites and pastels, rolling thru the grass to find chocolate eggs….It’s what the Tide/All/Gain people dream about at night!”

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