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04/10/2017: “Y108 Tax Tip #175: never take tax advice from anyone who’s done time.”

04/11/2017: “KJ Tax Tip #42: Giving to charity is an excellent deduction, unless you’re giving to Chartiy Jones who you met on Craig’s List.”

04/12/2017: “Mix Tax Tip #105: claiming your children as dependents is standard IRS practice, claiming their imaginary friend who lives in the attic, might involve standard CYS practice.”

04/13/2017: “KJ Tax Tip #99: For those tempted to add an extra “0” or not filing until they call & remind

you, we have 2 words for you. Willie. Nelson.”

04/14/2017: “Q103 tax tip #52: Gambling losses are tax deductible, so keep those losing slips this coming Derby Day!”

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