• Drake Donovan


05/01/2017: “Dear Mom…Sorry about the temper tantrum in the supermarket when I was 6. I now know that glass jars don’t bounce…Have a great mother’s day.”

05/02/2017: “Dear Mom, hope your Mother’s Day is amazing & thanks for teaching me that staples belong in paper and not in my forehead.”

05/03/2017: “Happy Mother’s Day…Thanks for wiping my ass before I knew how to do it on my own. That is all.”

05/04/2017: “Make your mom’s day…pick up your phone…and…call her. She’d love to hear your voice. Save texting emojis for your next Tinder date. Oh, and don’t mention the tinder date when you wish her happy Mother’s Day.”

05/05/2017: “Mother’s day is all about the Mom’s And Grandma’s, but how about a shout out to the childless Aunts? Always at the ready to babysit and overindulge…and be super cool. They’re the real heroes!””

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