• Drake Donovan


05/29/2017: “Helping Kentuckiana get more done, one commercial free hour at a time…at 8 noon 5 & 8.”

05/30/2017: “Broadcasting in front of a live studio audience. (one person clapping) Though at this hour, it’s just Bill the cleaning guy…Hey Bill!”

05/31/2017: “Our DJs help you not feel so alone during the day. Kinda comforting that there’s at least one person now out to screw you over, right?”

06/01/2017: “Break out your Doc Martens, crack open a snapple, and rewind to the 90s.”

06/02/2017: “At Commercial Free Q103, we care more about your listening experience that we’re willing go Commercial Free at 8 noon 5 & 8 even if it means (night dj) has to working dark (light switch sfx) (DJ: “But I can’t read my show notes.”) Sacrificing for your commercial Freedom!”

Need more than 5 creative sweepers a week? Make Drake Donovan your station voice or imaging producer! Contact Nate Zeitz at CESD Talent for rates and market availablility.

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