• Drake Donovan


06/19/2017: “(quick hooks) A few pop hits to go with your 4th of July bangs (fireworks).”

06/20/2017: “While you rock your Red, White & Blue, we’ll rock you with Big Hits & Real Classics.”

06/21/2017: “Fourth of July tip #46...if you have any issues with germs what-so-ever, don't go on the Giant Slide, or into a porta potty, or eat one of those things on a stick, or think about what goes into a Funnel Cone, or play Ring Toss at the midway, or...forget it...honestly...stay home. Seriously. This is not your holiday.”

06/22/2017: #TBT: “An entire Decade of hits…Packed into a single weekend…This is a Nuthin’ But 90s Weekend.”

06/23/2017: “Fourth of July Tip #34...yes..."Living In America" by James Brown sucks...but it's his legacy and when they play it during the finale, just smile and be polite.”

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