• Drake Donovan


09/25/17: ““Feeling lonely on the Third Shift? We’re up all night too, so make a request at 412-333-1007. It’s Star 102, Up all night…“

09/26/17: “Here’s another helpful commuter tip…(quirky/happy music smiley-friendly read) Driving to work isn’t international espionage. You won’t be leaking gov’t secrets if use your turn signal, (record scratch/announcer shouts: “It keeps people from wrecking into you!!! For cryin’ out loud!!!”)…Have a Nice day from The Star Morning Show.”

09/27/17: “Why are there never any ‘good’ side-effects? Well, listening to KJ97 may cause extreme

sexiness. I mean probably not, but it may! So keep listening.” Thanks to @BrookeRadio

09/28/17: “Playin’ the hits that will forever remind you of the fall of 2017! Sonoma County’s hottest hits! Hot 101-7!

09/29/17: “Working every day to answer the question, ‘how much variety is too much variety? Thanks for being a part of our little experiment!”

Need more than 5 creative sweepers a week? Make Drake Donovan your station voice or imaging producer! Contact Nate Zeitz at CESD Talent for rates and market availabillity.

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