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01/22/2018: “If we didn’t have Mondays, what would we have to complain about.”

01/23/2018: “SELF CHECKOUT: “(artist drop/Beep) Please place your item in the bagging area (artist drop beep) (artist drop beep) “Now for a limited time only (buzzer) “Unexpected item in bagging area!” Whoops, that’s not supposed to be there….Commercial Free Q103!

01/24/2018: “We would raise the bar, but we prefer to drink where we don’t have that far to fall. Here’s another underachieving set of songs played by people who can stop anytime if they wanted to.”

01/25/2018: “Fewer commercials…less often. All part of the 2 min promise on Mix 105”

01/26/2018: “It’s Friday…be a hero & rescue some beer trapped in bottles this weekend! Responsibly, of course.”

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