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02/12/2018: “Roses are Red, Violets are blue, unless you’re colorblind, and then

they look different to you, maybe grey or something?”

02/13/2018: “When you notice the expiration date of your milk is Feb 14 and realize it has a Valentine’s date…and you don’t. Perhaps this song will make you feel better.”

02/14/2018: “Once in a great while a Radio station comes along that fulfills you with every song and becomes a trusted companion. Until that happens, Bay FM is glad to fill the void!”

02/15/2018: “A subtle reminder that you’re listing to Pgh’s Country, Y108!”

02/16/2018: “AIRLINE: “This is your captain speaking, I’ve turned off the ommercials

sign and you are now Commercial free to move about the cabin!”

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