• Drake Donovan


02/19/2018: “If you’re not grumpy on a Monday morning, probably means you had a good weekend. This, however, will pass. But, we can try to help prolong your good mood with this next song!”

02/20/2018: “Thinking spring, but feeling winter…perhaps another song will help…I said ‘perhaps’!”

02/21/2018: “Four out of Five surgeons prefer listening the Star 102 in the OR…The fifth…he marches to the beat of his patient’s heartrate monitor (Heart Rate Beeps).”

02/22/2018: “This message is kinda like snap chat…it’s gonna last like 8 seconds and add nothing to your life….The next song, however, is a different story!”

02/23/2018: “No matter how you feel about your job, we can all agree on two things. Fridays are awesome; and Star 102 has the most free tickets while you listen at work.”

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