• Drake Donovan


Updated: Aug 11, 2020

03/05/2018: “Remember, this Saturday night the bars stay open to 3am, but last call is still at 1:45…damn you Daylight saving time!”

03/06/2018: “As if you weren’t tired enough, this weekend we lose another hour of sleep.”

03/07/2018: “Alexa may not be able to set all of the clocks in your house forward one hour this weekend, but she can make sure you wake up on time Monday morning… just enable the Mix 93-7 skill.”

03/08/2018: “Use the time change this Saturday night as a reminder to do the chores you only do twice a year….like flossing! Spring Forward this Weekend, with Rock 101.”

03/09/2018: “Time Springs Forward this weekend, which means you lose an hour of

sleep but you gain and extra pot of coffee!.”

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