• Drake Donovan


03/26/2018: “Time to play everyone’s favorite April game, Fake News or April fools. Um, I think that’s kinda the same thing, isn’t it?”

03/27/2018: “Did ya know, the new year was originally celebrated on 4/1, then it moved to 12/31. Thus anyone in Times Square with silly year glasses on was labeled an April Fool! And now ya know!”

03/28/2018: “For a list of pre-approved April Fools Pranks that have been vetted by our legal department that won’t result in arrest or civil action, visit Y108.com!”

03/29/2018: “April Fools on a Sunday? Be sure to look twice at those communion wafers at mass! That Monsignor is a prankster!”

03/30/2018: “Don’t believe the request from your manager that you’re scheduled to work this Sunday. It could just be an April Fools prank..or its not and you might actually have to work.”

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