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04/09/2018: “Alexa has a lot of skills. She tells jokes (Alexa: “Knock, Knock”) Knows the weather (Alexa: “Today will be sunny”) and she can play 93-7 Now… tell Alexa to enable the 93-7 Now skill!”

04/10/2018: “(car engine cranking to start to match v/o)“W-Z-EEEEE…W-Z-P-T/New Kensington-Pittsburgh…Getting you started with Pgh’s Best Variety, from the 80s, 90s, & Today…And The Star Morning Show w/JR& Kate!”.

04/11/2018: “Searching for a radio station you can be comfortable listening to at work (in front of your kids)? Your search is over…Pgh’s Best Variety is on Star 100.7”

04/12/2018: #TBT “It’s all the Whassup? Where’s Waldo and Who let the dogs out

fun of the 1990s…Star 100.7’s Nuthin’ But 90s Weekend”

04/13/2018: “NASCAR Announcer/race ambience: “Coming around turn four… Commercial Free Q103 takes the checkered flag!”

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