• Drake Donovan


Updated: Aug 11, 2020

04/30/2018: “Alexa helps out around the house, adjusting lights, setting times and filling your home with Pittsburgh’s Country on your Sonos system, just say Alexa, play Y108 on TuneIn in all rooms!”

05/01/2018: “There is no tougher, more stressful job on the planet than being a mom. Years ago we wouldn’t said ‘except President’ but apparently any moron can do that job.”

05/02/2018: “It’s the mother of all holidays…cause, ya know, it’s for your mom. Happy Mother’s Day from Y108!”

05/03/2018: “Our Mother’s Day wish for you…may you be able to sit, in quiet…for at least 30 minutes…asking for any more than that is just insane, right?”

05/04/2018: “Our Mother’s Day wish for you? That someone can design an app to help decide what’s for dinner! Cause we could use that, too!”

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