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05/07/2018: “Dispatcher: We have a 107-9, a two hour commercial free hour in progress, any and all units please respond (static) Cop: Dispatch, Pittsburgh’s Country Y108 is on it! (siren)”

05/08/2018: “It's a shame we can't broadcast the stuff they say when the microphones are turned off. (D&J having an expletive laced conversation) It's Diaz & Jess in the Morning, Q1031!

05/09/2018: “Just because you’re at work all day doesn’t mean you have to work all day…right? It’s the Star 100.7 9 O’clock Coffee break!”

05/10/2018: #TBT “For those that ever protected their car with “The Club”…This, is for you!”

05/11/2018: “One of the few things you’re still allowed to do while driving. You’re listening to Y108 on the Ride Home!”

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