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Updated: Aug 11, 2020

04/16/2018: “Your Google home speaker is pretty handy, controlling lights, thermostats & playing Today’s hits & yesterday’s Favorites. Just say, OK Google, play Star 102 Cleveland on TuneIn!”

04/17/2018: “Jen & Tim…The two best volunteers in radio…<WHISPER NEXT PART> Just don’t tell them…Star 102.

04/18/2018: “Q103 formally apologizes for giving Dingo & Jess way too much

Coffee. We’re really, really sorry!”

04/19/2018: “#TBT “(Ending of Quantum Leap Them) Taking a quantum leap back the 90s…This is a Star 100.7 Nuthin’ But 90s Weekend”

04/20/2018: “Whoa, hold on…..Gimme a sec (struggling sfx)….errr, uhhh…. Got it! There was a commercial still stuck in there, but we got it. Y108’s Two Hour Commercial free can now continue.”

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