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07/09/2018: “This next song sounds even better with a full cooler and a sizzling BBQ in the background!”

07/10/2018: “At this time of year, sunscreen & bug spray are your friends. Unless you don’t have those friends, then you’ll need to befriend some aloe vera & hydrocortisone. Now for a song we’ve been itchin to play!”

07/11/2018: “At what shade of red during a summer sunburn do you call a doctor…um, asking for a friend.”

07/12/2018: “Do yourself a favor…Enjoy this moment. Summer is fleeting. But the music keeps on going. Y108 2-hour Commercial Free Hour.”

07/13/2018: “Remember how bad last winter sucked…Make the most of this summer…A seasonal reminder from 95.9 Sun FM!"

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