• Drake Donovan


For Conclave Week:

07/16/2018: There are only so many weekends left in the summer. Make the next one count & count on Star 102 to provide the soundtrack!”

”07/17/2018:“How about this for a team building /morale booster at work? Tailgate Time in the parking lot! And we could provide the tunes. One more way we make the workplace better with Pgh’s Country Y108! “

07/18/2018: “There’s a reason why the rear view mirror is so small and the windshield is so big. Keep moving forward! Now some shallow pop music to go with that deep thought on your drive home from the Mix 105.7!“

07/19/2018: “When life gets too serious, we bring the silly! Bubba Show, weekday mornings on 100.7 Star! “

07/20/2018: “Alt 97-9, where we prefer our Pilots to be Stone Temple. Though we will settle for 21.

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