• Drake Donovan


07/30/2018: “July may almost be over, but our soundtrack to summer keeps playing!”

07/31/2018: “When reality gets cruel, we give you the kindness! Spreading the love every weekday morning. It’s Bubba Show on 100.7 Star.“

08/01/2018: “Premature back to school ads hashing your summer high? We dropped out of school years ago and they still get to us! How bout another song to forget that the end of summer is nigh?”

08/02/2018: “Throwback Thursday, Flashback Friday, Rewind Wednesday, Take Me Back Tuesday? However you choose to dwell in the past, we’ve got the songs to take you back… Rewind 103.9!“

08/03/2018: “Weekends were made for relaxing, unless you’ve got stuff to do like yard work, shopping, cleaning or laundry. Either way, we’ve got the music to help you get it done or do nothing at all.”

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