• Drake Donovan


08/13/2018: “What could be worse than a Friday The 13th? How about a Monday The 13th!’

08/14/2018: “Don’t sweat the small stuff. Easy to do when your compact car’s air conditioning actually works. Here’s hoping your cubicle is cool when you get to work!”

08/15/2018: “Take the ‘work’ out of your at-work listening and leave your office radio on Cleveland’s Star 102. We promise you more music and a few cool prizes along your journey to quitting time!”

08/16/2018: “Road Ragin’ Against The Machines taking up the left lane? We’ll Make Everything Zen on your way to work and give you an alterative to let out your morning commute angst. Alt 97-9!”

08/17/2018: “Fresh music, cool prizes, and decent human beings talking between the songs. What more could you ask for? Commercial Free Drive to and from work? Well, we’ve got that too. Fresh 105.7”

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