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09/17/2018: “Which do you prefer? Autumn or Fall? At Star 102 we call it PSL season!”

09/18/2018: “Raking leaves… when done properly this activity helps build upper body & core strength necessary for shoveling snow! This fitness tip courtesy of 101.1 The River.”

09/19/2018: “(To the tune of ‘A Marshmallow World’ “It’s a pumpkin spice world in the autumn, and if ya hate it, it sucks to be you…” For music that tastes nothing like nutmeg & cinnamon…”

09/20/2018: “long sleeves, falling leaves and a bad taste in your mouth when you accidentally drink someone’s PSL…”

09/21/2018: “The time of year when you get to work the word “autumnal” into casual conversation. See, we just did it.”

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