• Drake Donovan


10/01/2018: “Dingo & Jess….Part of this completely IMBALANCED breakfast!

10/02/2018: “If you’re breakfast consists of coffee and whatever was brought into the breakroom this morning, hey, you’re just like us! Making the avg worker feel like a radio DJ…The Mix 105.7”.

10/03/2018: “Ever get the feeling that your fairy godmother stepped out for a smoke & got locked out of the building? Distracting you from life’s suckiness with today’s best country.”

10/04/2018: “If your ability to remember the lyrics to these songs far exceeds your ability to remember why you walked into the kitchen in the first place, then this is the station for you!”

10/05/2018: “Halloween 2018 is brought to you by Depends, for those moments when you just are too scared to look for the nearest restroom.”

Need more than 5 creative sweepers a week? Make Drake Donovan your station voice or imaging producer! Contact Nate Zeitz at CESD Talent for rates and market availabillity.

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