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10/08/2018: “Halloween stopped being fun when the candy stopped being free, am I right?” (thx to @JJKincaid)

10/09/2018: “Halloween: think of it as New Years Eve with some flair. Happy Flair News-een from 94-5 Bay FM!”

10/10/2018: “This Halloween, dress up like your favorite DJ. The key to that costume is to be sure you look nothing like you sound…and headphones!”

10/11/2018: “They used to ask for all kind of perks for their dressing rooms, now they ask, “Do you want “Do you want fries with that? It’s a 90s One Hit Wonder!” #TBT

10/12/2018: “Who’s more foolish? The fool who posts the hoax or the fool who shares it? Ponder that during this next song…and, no, if you get a friend request from us, it’s legit!”

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