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10/22/2018: “The only thing you like about work besides the coffee…It’s Y108 on The Job”.

10/23/2018: “While you try to figure out when you can have the meltdown you’re entitled to, we’ll help you pass the time at work with another 60 in a row, on Mix 105.7”.

10/24/2018: “Changing your password…that’s sound thinking. Changing your radio station, just sounds like a bad idea. Keep it here on Real Country 95.5!”

10/25/2018: “If you hear some one shout ‘stop’ and you’re unsure if you should “collaborate and listen” or if it’s just simply “hammertime”. Then you’re in the right place. #TBT90s

10/26/2018: “When you want to have a nice day, but you work with other people, just put in your earbuds and crank up the Q107.”

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