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12/10/2018: “When you wake up with Dingo & Jess, be warned, Dingo takes like an hour in the bathroom…Hair’s gotta be perfect.”

12/11/2018: “JJ & Nina are off this week, so they left us a “best of”…but really it’s more like a “best they can do”.

12/12/2018: “Jen & Tim are on vacation this week, working on their resolution to “try harder” in 2019. We’d like it if they’d just try.

12/13/2018: “Due to holiday vacation, the part of Monty in the Morning will be played by Brian from the Afternoons.”

12/14/2018: “Jimmy & Steve both conned the boss into vacation this week. So in lieu of actually entertainment, you get Tony the weekend guy. Hopefully that means more rock for you.”

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