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12/17/2018: “Winter is coming. No, there’s no Game of Thrones reference there, the

winter solstice just starts soon. That is all.”

12/18/2018: “So much positivity and hope that our resolutions will last until the end of the week.”

12/19/2018: “Our resolution of 2019, gain weight. One of two things will happen,

either we lose weight and are thrilled; or we’ve kept our resolution. Genius, right?

Kinda like this next song…”

12/20/2018: “It’s that time of year we like to hit the ‘reset’ button on our lives only to fall back in to old habits before we can stop writing 2018 in the date.”

12/21/2018: “Star 102 is resolving to be kinder in the new year. Hey, it’s gotta start somewhere right?”

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