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01/14/2019: “In an effort to remove negativity from our lives, Star 102 declares that until further notice, Mondays are now Taco Tuesday Eve.”

01/15/2019: “Smart speakers, smart phones, smart watches. All these smart devices can be used to access the dumbasses we have on the radio at Q107!”

01/16/2019: “Layers of commercial free country to warm your frigid existence.”

01/17/2019: “Never in the history of ‘calm down’ has anyone ever calmed down by being told to ‘calm down’. Playing a favorite song in the other hand, has been shown to have calming effects. Let’s test that theory now on the Mix 105.7!”

01/18/2019: “Regardless of whether or not the groundhog sees its shadow, there’ll always be six more weeks of winter b/c the spring equinox is exactly 6 weeks from now…Mind. Blown.”

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