• Drake Donovan


01/21/2019: “We couldn’t tell you the names of the teams that played last night, but we can name every snack on the party table…yeah, priorities. (crunch) Hot 101.7!

01/22/2019: “Has the NFL copyrighted sounds? We’ll be the first to find out. So, enjoy the (Superman theme: Duh-da-dah, duh-da-du-da-dah/Bowl and spoon hit counter) this Sunday! And here’s hoping we’re not met with a (Law & Order Dun-Dun/or door knock followed by “You’ve been Served”) on Monday!

01/23/2019: “Two teams, one championship, and dozens of head injuries, bench warrants & community service sentences between them. Here’s something you can cheer for that won’t make you feel dirty…another 60 in a row, on Mix 105.7!

01/24/2019: “You know, when our team isn’t playing, we couldn't care less about your “big game” league-of-football-that-is-so-stringent-with-its-trademarks-and-copyrights-that-it-takes-all-the-fun-out-of-it. So, (city not represented), listen to us this Sunday instead!”

01/25/2019: “Funny how we watch the big game mostly for the commercials, but then listen to the radio most, when it’s commercial free.”

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