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Updated: Feb 7, 2020

02/04/2019: “It's important to always one-up that special someone. Relationships should be built on a strong sense of competition or something like that.”

02/05/2019: “Surprising the love of your life at work wearing a shirt that says “I am the gift” doesn’t qualify as romantic. Trust us on that one.”

02/06/2019: “A home-made gift says, “I care”. A gift card says, “I forgot, grabbed this last minute and saved 10 cents off on gas as a bonus”.

02/07/2019: “Does a six-pack of beer qualify as a valentine’s gift? (bottle open) Did I mention it’s craft beer? (Sip/gulp) Ah, asking for a friend.” Happy Valentine’s Day (suppressed burp) From The Mix 105.7!”

02/08/2019: “If they break up with you because your Valentine’s Day Gift/Date was weak, they weren’t for you anyway…at least that’s what we tell ourselves here at Rock 101.”

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