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Updated: Feb 7, 2020


04/01/2019: “Y108 Tax Tip #178: For those of you wondering about maybe adding an extra “0” or not filing until they call and remind you, we have just two words for you. Willie. Nelson. (see also) MC Hammer.”

04/02/2019: “Rock 101 Tax Tip #438: giving money to charity is a good deduction…unless her full name is Charity Foster and you met her on Craig’s List.”

04/03/2019: “Star 102 Tax Tip #637: Trust us, they’ve heard,”The dog ate my 1040 form” before. At the IRS it’s known internally as the Tim Richards.”

04/04/2019: “KJ97 Tax Tip #412: Grab a pad of paper and write down every artist and title that we play for the next two days. Then, make copies, store one in a safe place and attach the other to your income tax filing. It’s not deductible; we just thought the IRS should know about this great radio station in San Antonio!”

04/05/2019: “Mix 105.7 Tax Tip #175: never take tax tips from people who have done time, like a Michael Cohen.”

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