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Updated: Feb 7, 2020

03/18/2019: “We’re the tri-cities’ second choice for the hottest hits. Thanks for making us #2 overall by being #1 in your heart. KX95!

03/19/2019: “If we played the music we liked, this would be wall-to-wall Rage Against The Machine. But we play the music you like, with a little Rage Every now and then. ALT-105.7!”

03/20/2019: “Sometimes, to get the right answer from Alexa (Sorry, I don’t know that one), you’ve gotta ask the question the right way. Hey Alexa, Play Star 102 on Radio.com! (Alexa: Okay).

03/21/2019: “#TBT: We still have our Strawberry Shortcake doll and yes it still smells. Just not like strawberries (ew) It’s Totally Awesome 80’s! on 94-5 Bay FM!”

03/22/2019: “Playing all kinds of country….for all kinds of kinds…New Country and Your all-Time Favorites…103.3 WAKG!”

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