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Updated: Aug 11, 2020


03/25/2019: “Rock 101 April fools tip #375: When changing all your co-workers favorites on their workplace computer, remember, there are three K’s in (bleep) and (bleep) is also an adverb.”

03/26/2019: “Do you have Prince Albert in a can?” That’s so last century! Cracking the window of your co-workers car, taking out their handicapped parking placard and calling a tow truck? That’s just good fun. Happy April Fools Day and let’s keep it safe out there.”

03/27/2019: “Saran wrapping the toilet bowl in the boss’s personal bathroom? An April Fools oldie but goodie. Happy April 1st!”

03/28/2019: “April Fools Words To Live By: “it’s all fun and games until someone puts out an eye…or until the Secret Service show up to arrest the guy in the next cubical because someone went on his computer and Googled “White House+Vandalism+Glitterbomb” while he was at lunch.”

03/29/2019: “April Fools? What part of “fools” is possibly bad? There’ve been lots of famous fools. Sure, most are in jail or Congress, but they’re still famous!”

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