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Updated: Feb 7, 2020

03/11/2019: “(Window opening/birds chirping) Ahhh, we love the sweet smell of Spring in the valley. (Music halts) No..wait..That’s a Skunk. 100.5 WOMP FM."

03/12/2019: “Thanks goodness it’s spring again at Rewind 103 Point 9. That means our 70’s, 80’s, 90’s music can start shaving its legs again (Razor Fade)”

03/13/2019: “Springtime, when you play that uneasy game of battleship as you walk thru the backyard (splat) Score one for the dog. Ewww. The Mix 105.7.”

03/14/2019: “It’s Spring at Rewind 103 Point 9! No..wait..It’s winter..wait no..it’s spring..wait no it’s winter..no…ah man..”

03/15/2019: “Face it. We live here because we love the change of seasons! Winter…not quite winter…just about spring…almost summer…spring again…winter again..summer and fall and indian summer! Pittsburgh’s country for all 9 seasons, Y108!"

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