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06/24/2019: “Y108 Fourth of July Tip #43...intelligent people who plan to drink and use fireworks have already requested their Uber/Lyft to the nearest Urgent Care center.”

06/25/2019: “Is it truly a picnic if there are no blankets or baskets used? Something to ponder during this next song on KJ97!”

06/26/2019: “Independence day has arrived…which means it’s all downhill from here…for summer 2019 that is. This bummer of a reminder furnished by the sourpusses working all holiday weekend at Star 102!”

06/27/2019: “Diamonds were a girl’s best friend…then yoga pants happened! Here’s hoping nothing replaces us as your sister from another mister…Star 102.”

06/28/2019: “The hardest math is the equation that enables us to count our blessings…That and calculus…that ish is tough! Now for something easy, Commercial free Country on Y108!”

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