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BACK-TO-SCHOOL/Woodstock 50th

08/12/2019: ”These next three words can either instill joy or dread, depending on your age group. It’s back to school time in Pittsburgh’s Country…Y108!

08/13/2019:”From the hundreds of thousands that attended and the millions who claimed to be there…Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Woodstock.

08/14/2019:”Woodstock was 50 years ago this week. Here’s a song performed at that show, with less mud and fewer hippies…Rock 101”.

08/15/2019:”50 Years ago this week Max Yazgur had a bunch of kids on his lawn and didn’t yell at them to get off of it. It was truly the summer of love! Celebrating Woodstock’s 50th…Q107!”

08/16/2019:”New outfits, new shoes, a new book bag…those were the back-to-school consolation prizes! Nowadays, you can look forward to new music as the buses start to roll again…San Antonio’s #1 for NEW country…KJ97!”

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