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Updated: Aug 11, 2020


10/21/2019: “You know the guy from HR you caught stealing your food from the fridge...rubber bat in his yogurt? It's Halloween. All bets are off. Bats too. KJ97.”

10/22/2019: “As a kid Cowboy Curt’s mom dressed him as a Tellatubby for Halloween. And that explains a LOT. Happy Halloween from Y’D Awake on Y108!”

10/23/2019: “Halloween at Cleveland’s Star 102, where scaring the (bleep) out of our boss is a 24/7 operation. (Boss off mic: did you just say (Bleep) on the air?”

10/24/2019: “Zombies, Mummies, Vampires…Pffft. The undead? Nah, you really want to scare at Y108 DJ on Halloween, just mention dead air! (pause/scream/music up) See, told ya!”

10/25/2019: “So, do you turn your jack-o-lantern’s face away from the street to keep your pumpkin on the porch until Thanksgiving? Just us, then. Happy Halloween from the cheapskates at Star 102.”

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